AcniLogic Intelligent Sebum Control Serum 30ml

Code: 2292240

Facial Beauty Purifying

AcniLogic is an intensive, deeply penetrating gel for acne-prone and oily skin.
After using the gel for just a month, your skin's balance will be restored.

Quickly absorbed leaving a powder matt finish.

Acne results from the conjunction of 3 factors: the over-secretion of sebum, the obstruction of the hair follicle, and the development of bacteria. Guinot's AcniLogic controls the microbial flora, regulates sebaceous secretion and shine, tightens dilated pores, resorbs pimples, blackheads, and soothes redness and irritations, all effectively eliminating visible acne.

Guinot's AcniLogic combats acne through the use of a mixture of 5 powerful active ingredients: Ac-Net which regulates seborrhea, Chlorhexidine Dugluconate which prevents bacterial colonization, Lipacid which restores the 'acid coat' of skin, essential to its good health, Glucobio Zinc which has healing properties, and finally Salicylic Acid which acts in-depth and is non aggressive. AcniLogic also contains Mattifying Powders which reduce shine, Alcohol which disinfects and dries the problem area, Vitamin E which is an antioxidant that moisturizes and heals the skin, and Hydrociline which is a fig gel that leaves skin feeling refreshed.

Soothing / Gentle