Lifting Cream 50ml

Code: 2292237

Facial Beauty Firmness

It's an unfortunate but very real fact of life that as we grow older, our skin loses the firmness and elasticity it had in our youth. A reduction in collagen production leads to the cheeks, temples and neck becoming less well-defined - skin loses density and elasticity and becomes dehydrated. The overall effect can be dry, wrinkled, sagging skin.

With liftosome, you can bring some of that youthfulness back. Its velvety comfortable texture and its firming and regenerating agents help restore the beauty of your face by giving it more vitality and radiance. Your skin becomes less weathered, your features look firmer, traces of wrinkles seem to fade. Suddenly your face looks as though it has shed a few years.

All skin types, 25+.

Soothing / Gentle