Time Logic Age Serum 25ml

Code: 2292228

Facial Beauty Rejuvenating

Time Logic Age Serum, Guinot's new luxury night treatment, not only smoothes the skin and evens out the complexion, but also tones facial contours by stimulating cellular renewal. The serum is ideal for those looking for the ultimate anti-aging product or wanting to enhance their natural radiance.

Time Logic Age Serum stimulates metabolic energy for a remarkable 24-hours. This wonder-serum has a double-action benefit: repairs by night and protects by day. Now you can sleep tight and wake up feeling fresh and radiant. During the night, active ingredients penetrate the skin more thoroughly. Therefore, Time Logic Age Serum can best work to repair the skin; it increases both the skin's collagen and elastic fibre density. By day, this rich serum acts as a protective shield against external aggressors, such as harmful UV's and pollution. Rejuvenate at night for beauty all day long.

A study carried out proved that 100% of subjects showed a decrease in wrinkle depth, as well as an increase in firmness and radiance.

Soothing / Gentle