Youth Replenishing Skin Cream 50ml

Code: 2292226

Facial Beauty Rejuvenating

Guinot Pleine Vie, Youth Replenishing Skin Cream (called Anti-age Skin Cell Supplement too)reduces the effects of premature aging by neutralizing the damage caused in mature skin, Preserves the resources of young skin through an anti-radical action. Excellent for women experiencing hormonal changes and/or menopause.

As we get older, the biological balance of our skin naturally changes. The epidermis becomes thinner, more vulnerable and its vital functions wind down. The skin is yearning for things that nature does not provide. Pleine View offers it substitute palliative elements to compensate for its deficiencies. From the first days of application, your face is smoothed, your skin is firmed, intensely moisturised and instantly comfortable.

Soothing / Gentle